About Furry Excursions


Hi, I’m Jill, owner of Furry Excursions.

I  started working with dogs just over 10 years ago at a local dog daycare and boarding  facility. Working there involved every aspect of canine care from  feeding and dog walking to grooming and playgroup supervision. For me this was a life and career changing experience. Every day was such a joy! Working with these happy, loving, adorable dogs was beyond  delightful. I met so many amazing dogs and such a variety of personalities. I adored every single one!

After several years at the kennel I went  on to work as a dog walker (and cat sitter) — walking every size, shape and temperament of dog (a perfect blend of my two loves — dogs and the  outdoors!). During this time I also worked part-time at a dog training facility as a groomer. Here I  apprenticed  with an amazing and passionate dog trainer who taught me a ton more  about reading canine body language. Understanding their cues and signals was a very important aspect to the grooming process (and a very important part of dog walking too). Dogs were handled with positive  reinforcement, tenderness and patience. Nervousness would be worked  through with lots of praise, cuddles, and yummy treats.

Throughout  the years I have taken many dog-related courses including a Pet Care Technician program, Canine First Aid, and a “Reading Canine Body Language, Cues and Signals” workshop.

I am passionate about giving my pets and yours the absolute best care! Their health and happiness are my priority. For an experienced, knowledgeable and loving dog walker and cat sitter — CALL FURRY EXCURSIONS TODAY! I can’t wait to meet your adorable furry family member!

Jill Hunt, dog and cat lover!


This is Cleo & Caesar, two lovable, silly, adorable pooches I had the delight of caring for at a doggy daycare.